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Every land owner’s dream is to have a beautiful functional pond or lake on their property. Heritage Land Improvements specializes in lake and pond construction. We have the experience and skill necessary to build a pond right. We also are fully capable of repairing dams, ponds or lakes that have been improperly constructed. Our confidence comes from over 50 years of experience and a workflow process that every client can trust.

Our process starts with a thorough conversation with you – the client. We want to hear from you. Are you looking for a shallow pond for recreation? Maybe you desire a stock pond? Want to create your dream trophy fish environment? How about the construction of a lake that spans many acres? The bottom line is your dream is our goal. After capturing your vision, we will then work alongside you in designing and planning the size, placement, and features of your pond or lake. Only once you are completely satisfied with the direction of the project do we then hop into a machine and begin the work. This process assures that you as the landowner are always in the driver’s seat, where you belong.

We understand what it takes to successfully build a pond or lake. You can let our knowledge of soil types, elevation, dam construction, habitat needs, spawning areas, deep pools, channels, ledges and water quality work for you. With Heritage Land Improvements you do not have to fear frustration, failure or even loss of investment, but can rest easy trusting our exceptional standard of workmanship.

Remember, many companies are popping up left and right who simply buy machinery and call themselves “pond diggers”. This is causing landowners to rightfully be hesitant in choosing a pond construction company. Heritage offers you the peace and mind of over 50 years combined experience. As a well-established pond and lake contractor, we have the knowledge and expertise to build a pond or lake right the first time. Trusting us means you are trusting a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that has proven results. Call us today, to begin an on-site evaluation and consultation. We want to help take your pond and lake dreams and turn them into reality.

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